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JSVP series of auto U type beam web NC punching line

Applicable to punching for web of U type beam in light truck.

Processing in low tonnage punching machine with lighter moving part which is high speed, effective and energy-saving.

Stable and reliable, high speed and effective, entirely automatically punching for web of U type beam.

The ideal equipment in total processing of light truck and medium truck.

All programs- feeding¡¢punching, discharging, plate locating-in whole line complete automatically without manualintervene, most applicable to automatic batch production of the U type beam web.

The line is provided with one or two main engines. The low tonnage main engine with the facility to find holes in the X and Y directions in two main engines may punch holes as the same time with another engine. This function improves the efficiency of processing.

Before-after detection function in all main engines can be contributed to measure and compensate the geometrical error automatically. Even in the same beam, different hole may located according to different wing.

The series machine can be also equipped with plasma cutting unit, hole miss detection unit according to the requirement.

Record number :³ICP±¸17043377ºÅ-1

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