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JSPP/JSPPC series auto beam plate CNC punching production line

All programs- feeding¡¢punching, discharging, plate fixing-in whole line complete automatically, most applicable to automatic batch production of auto beams.

The beam NC punch machine is composed of feeding cart, electromagnetism sucker feeding device, feeding bracket, left-right plate roller, plate fixed device, punch main engine, trash output device, electromagnetism sucker discharging device, discharging cart, electric control system, automatic program software, high-speed hydraulic system, etc.

All the programs will complete automatically by NC system, such as feeding, discharging, plate locating and transporting, die alternative, forging process, faults alarm, etc.

JSSPPC type plate punch main engine is hydraulic straight frame be annealed that tend to be strong rigidity, no partial load, low vibration.

The series machine can be also equipped with plasma cutting unit, hole miss detection unit according to the requirement.

Record number :³ICP±¸17043377ºÅ-1

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